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Messaggio da prugnastyle » 11/08/2010, 3:38

Ho voluto creare un topic di questo genere: La vostra/e Canzone/i preferite di ogni artista! :8)

Ecco le mie:

Unexist - The Poem / Fuck the System
Alien T - Wartime
Angerfist - Riotstarter/Radical
Amnesys - Worldwide Crysis/Refly
Art of fighters - Earthquake / The Beat can't change / United By Hardness
The Stunned Guys - Thrillseekaa ( si scrive cosi?? :shifty:)/ Raise Cain / united by hardness
Noize Suppressor - Fingherz
Tha Playah - Imperial
Evil Activites - Vegance / Imperial
Endymion - Vegance / Abduction
Tha Playah - Imperial
Hellsystem - Set me Up
Dj D - D-Power
The Viper - Envy
Mad Dog - Welcome Down
Nitrogenetics - Pledge of resistance

Sono troppo tante e poi Adesso ho sonno! aggiornero il topic a breve! ;)


Messaggio da Sixthclone » 11/08/2010, 5:29

Amnesys: 4D Future, System Crash
Art of Fighters: Dualism, Premonition
DJ D: D-Power, Going
Evil Activities: Back On Track, Never Fall Asleep
Hellsystem: Bad Days, Silence
Mad Dog: Boom and Shake up, Kick that Shit
Masters of Ceremony: Hardcore to da Bone (Dope Mix), Soul Seller
Neophyte: One of these Days, Fuck That
Omar Santana: Mad Skillz, Get straight to it
Stunned Guys: You will Die, Slow me Down
Tha Playah: Clit.com, Blast Tha Crowd :$
Tommyknocker: Criminal, In The Shadows

for now it's all, then i will update it


Messaggio da Abyss » 11/08/2010, 7:03

Marc Acardipane:Don't touch that stereo
Amnesys:Worldwide crisis,Refly
Alien-t:Ghetto mentality,Wartime
Hellsystem:Bad days,Mad pimp
Mad dog:Enter the time machine,Dangerous
Stunned Guys:Raise cain,I will have that power (Stunned Guys remix)
Tha playah:Walking the line,The explained
Ophidian:The middle children,So many sacrifice
Tommyknocker:Demolition,In the shadow
Nosferatu:system 5601,Drunk with a gun
Promo:phreak ya speaka,hurricane brain
Art of fighters:Earthquake,Redemption

ho fatto come clone cosi non diventa un casino :lol:

comunque per certi artisti è stato propio difficile scegliere i pezzi di marc mi piacciono quasi tutti :lol: stessa cosa per i pezzi di amnesys

modalità rompiballe ON

tracce senza la i :lol:

modalità rompiballe OFF


Messaggio da prugnastyle » 11/08/2010, 13:24

:arrowu: Damn, Damn, Damn! :doh:

la grammatica nn è il mio forte :mrgreen:


Messaggio da Emanuela_muaO » 11/08/2010, 13:54

Dj Promo - Up Yours / King Of Pain
Endymion - Causing Confusion
Dj JDA - Voel Je Die Bass
3 Steps Ahead - Cloud 9
Noize Suppressor - Nobody Like'S
Walter One - This is not the end / Face To Face
Shadowlands Terrorists - The First Party Kick


Messaggio da gusme89 » 11/08/2010, 18:11

promo - serious damage/phreak ya speaka
noize suppressor - fingherz/party motherfuckers
alien t- ghetto mentality
amnesys-worldwide crisis/system crash
nosferatu - outshine any competition
dj d - d-power
nitrogenetics -pledege of resistance
art of fighters - digiltal shampoo/earthquake/redemption
tha playah - walking the line
unexist - fuck the system
satronica - kill it
hellsystem- set me up
e-noid - dx2r
angerfist - radical
the destroyer - delete the pain
stunned guys- i will have the power
jda-voel je die bass


Messaggio da gbrinaina » 11/08/2010, 18:38

ma ce ne sono un'infinità di artisstii e 4654464 pseudonimiii XD haahaiah partiamo con questi dai, poi magari integrerò, ho messo di tutto di più, dalla oldschool alla jump...

angerfist - maniac killa
bodylotion - no worries
boombastic - one love
bountyhunter - woops
brothers in crime - destiny
cardassia - here comes the sound
catscan - capture in cistress
charly lownoise & mental theo - stars
chosen few - the break
critical mass - belive in the future
cyclopede - sicko
da tekno warriors - are you serious
DHT - true love
digital boy - dedicated to all italian ravers
dj rob & mc joe - the beat is flown
dune - are you ready to fly
euromasters - a message from hell
forze dj team - sweat on my balls
gizmo - rescue
greg c - 10 torsion
hocus pocus - here's johnny
isaac - dumcore
mark v. & poogie bear - stomp (like this)
neophyte - execute
noize suppressor - italian earthquake
nosferatu - cameltoe
ophidian - black
party animals – hava naquila
paul elstak - life is like a dance ( :lol: ma ki l'avrebbe mai detto!!)
promo - my underground madness
ramirez - orgasmico
robert armani - armani trax
RTC - the music is too much
stunned guys - beats time
the horrorist - flesh is the fever
the masochist - no newstyle
too fast for mellow - in my house
waxweazle - legs
yves deruyter - the rebel
3 step ahead - in the name of love
4 tune fairytales – ding a dong


Messaggio da Cruz » 13/08/2010, 13:01

Tommyknocker: Twist :sbav: :pray: :dance: :$
Tha Playah: Walking the line, cold as me
Placid K: Stealin' beats, Destination, Stay Classy
Amnesys: Elevation, System Crash, Refly
AoF/Meccano: Artwork, Pussy Lovers, Rock on, Illusion, Dissolution
The Stunned guys: Atmosfera, Raise cain, nation of domination
Impulse Factory: Time of pain, this street is iced, hardcore will never die
T-Factor: How many more out there?, He as begun, T-Factor on the floor
Unexist: Ltt, K.O., Line got crossed
Evil Activities: Cold as me, do you like bass?, never fall asleep
Neophyte: Antimix by Neophyte, Alles kapot, i will have that power
DJ Mad Dog: Enter the time machine(dj mad dog mix), so what about the?, party starter
Alien T: Bullets in their heads, Rock the nation , ghetto mentality
Angerfist: Strangle and mutilate, no fucking soul, house fucka
Paul elstak: Rock da party, Rage, You're a hardcore hooligan
Ophidian: The middle children, RMX di Forgotten moments, So many sacrificies
Nosferatu: Raythered, Hit N' Run, RMX di all the way down
Endymion: Payback, pass the bottles, let's get it on
Nico & Tetta: Alleluja Motherfuckers, Braveheart, Intoxication
Tieum: Microtronic, A better world, speaker
Headbanger: Headbanger's Theme, Knock your brain numb, strike
Omar Santana: Hardstreet shit, get straight to it, wicked style


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